W11-12, 2021-03-15/03-28

another two weeks gap. “cut and plug your desires!”


been extremely working on finishing git merge-conflict, but for a full 10 days fixed bugs from existing code along the way. then the day before the deadline i began to work on the UI for it. another empty week is past and i’ll get back to this from next week.

dps x magdx

magda proceeded with the design system reference: we managed almost everything, except some extra fancy UI details. most importantly you can get out bits of code from the page fairly easily, and download the whole css as a file.


went through some substantial changes:


went through second round of changes: did lot of custom kerning, fixed other design details etc. next up: payment integration.


update call and about to sign off this goddamn contract after three months.

cannot do anything at the computer if not forced. brain refuses, emotions spin up, labor memories fatigue prevails.