W10, 2021-03-08/03-14

flicks. “zweeeing”.


been almost undoing and putting again together many git backbone code written by cst, ode to her epic work. lots of simplification by reading through. some patterns are not fitting well anymore, pushing towards having them all singing together. also, finished the article-history feature.

much other ‘clean-up’ work along the way, including a renewed animation logic for the editor’s save button — now following the wiki’s own heartbeat to display meaningful loading dots in sync.

dps x magdx

another exercise round: thinking about software UIs starting from a description of “rivers acting as veritable hydraulic computers”. sorting, filtering and browsing through sedimentary layers of squished rocks.

progressing well with the design system web reference.


added license to hd x the hmmm livestream project. will add one to any other project we have online in a git repo format.

undid the whole email setup, while joining a mailing-list migration server workshop. painful but i can see again when thinking about how to setup the mailing list on the VPS — no need for dovecot, postfix is enough. i’d like to manage to… not having to install mm3, could be doable.


preparatory work for three-way merge dataset (from the future i can say today i did step 1 and 2 of this already).

‘fluid’ as a metaphor sucks. fluid as what comes out from within your legs excels.