W08 & W09, 2021-02-22/03-07

skipped W08, constantly stretching out time to make it like it’s a thing is exhausting. i’ll raid over the past two weeks. going again by memory.


progressing with design implementation, things go a bit slow as i’ve been taking one or half a day a week for this so far. wordpress is a funny joke, like most web software.

dps x magdx

magdx went away for 10 days, we met up again last friday. progressing well with the “design system” that happened by doing some websites, a distilled variant from the DPS thesis project.

i’d like to make more space to work on the calendar as a protocol, but more client work popped up and i haven’t learnt how to say no and fear money yet.


excellent. moving forward with git-integration: re-shaped the editor to account for another state, which is browsing-history. been rewriting most git functions and going down to some recurrent problems when checking out branches, doing commit revert, merging etc. getting closer.

h&d www v2

figured the RecentChanges problem was caused by me fiddling with some wrong config settings. it’s unclear to me if what seemed possible is still doable, as i came across more projects doing similar things all created by or for Wikimedia people. huge mess.


put together small poetry website, “erratic typography”. maybe, a chance to implement CMS to static site generator idea.

swannie, zhaba, etc.