W07, 2021-02-15/02-21

goed gut joh-eun.


began setting up WP environment. mapped down each view with respective design mockups. looked up how to use APIs to build reader? page, probably the central, most important view of the whole website; possibly figured but left note to self.

dps x magdx

thyme-wiki shaping up nicely: only thing missing is the search. i figured a hacked up option to implement it while keeping the whole setup “static” and using js for it, needs to try it out next week.

magdx has been given some tasks that she’s going through on her own. i plan to make another small design exercise for next week.

we also checked in on each existing project and aim to wrap them up in a few months.


did some fixups (export to PDF), then move straight into git-integration stuff:managed to get a articleHistory working component! still working out edge-cases (for eg. when to create temporary branches in the case of selecting a certain checkout and start doing changes to the article, etc) but the basics are working. had to do a lot of converging clean up work to get the git components working again with the updated WIKIPATH work done last week, now it seems all good.

h&d mailing-list

finally ditched Mailman3 and tried to setup both nanolist and ulist but encountering other problems. decided to make sure basic email server was working fine — and it wasn’t, so went on to rebuild it and messed up already.

decided to take a few days break and then:

only “downside” with sr.ht is that the sending address would be different than what we used so far… need to make a choice.


had a call to decide about upcoming moves. going to collaborate on a wrap up text for the project as a way to figure out what to focus next (among possible areas of work).

“can you paint my nails next time?”.