W05, 2021-02-01/02-07

one day late.

last week i ended looking disgusted at the series of lists i was compiling, by looking at a mix of git commits, todos, and other notes.

when i began this i wanted to be able not only to remind myself what i did in the past seven days (i was over over over-working), but also write down thoughts on those processes.


last (this) week was spent to at last finalize the contract, and all four appendixes. there’s gonna be a rewriting phase from english to german — for which i hope it will be mostly done (translated) by them. i took the chance to put together a simple Latex template for “work documents” (ah!).

dps x magdx

we gave up on using the initial, harder and leaner, wiki setup for thyme-wiki, and went for writing a simple python program instead; this allows for finer control over templates, and makes life a bit easier (for now). it just also happened to be a good chance to play with the python’s implementation of libgit2 (eh!).


wrapped up budget for 2021 too — all this time working with spreadsheets and numbers made me think that maybe that’s where the invention of “hobbies” comes from: office people like accountants need to do something else beside their “day job”.

i setup the new dev server, and fixed some more small bugs. i also had the chance to explain for the nth time — but after almost a year — how does the wiki work, and implicitly saying why i made these choices. the more i think and talk about it, the more it feels a simple, strong, good idea. something i might want to re-iterate over and over in other contexts… (as i am doing already; see thyme-wiki).

i am slowly wrapping useful git commands + other piping post-processing commands into scripts, and also thinking i should get back to work on tekken-v.

strong thoughts: learning Rust and do something with / for ssb; thinking how a full Urbit OS would look like (and wanting to learn Hoon); planning to move to Trieste (i told myself i’d do it if in three months i’d thought at it again; that was November 2020); if internet is god vomiting on users, why close bodies are far away and in touch? distributed planet-brain psychosis.