W40, 2020-09-28/10-04


this week was supposed to point the main url to the new website, but the evening before there’s been some problems (covid-related), so it’s been postpone to next week / soon.

i don’t remember exactly what i’ve been working on, i think:

this coming week i want to focus on login-auth. and i plan to disable the editor-diff feature for now — as after i added more options to it, more problems began to pop-up.

git-integration has been put on hold by non-requested rescheduling of my work, but needs to do a touch-down before cst leaves.

dps / magdx

feeling very bored to the point of confusion. yesterday put together first bash program including --help screen 1. back to computer sana in corpore sano praxis.

  1. in fact, it is another implementation of a “git-wiki”, eg a git repository of text notes that are converted to html by using (1) git to retrieve all / staged / unstaged files and (2) pandoc for the file conversion. the most plug-and-play approach i could imagine to make a wiki.↩︎