Looking for freelance jobs, 2020Q4-2021Q1

hi! i’m currently looking for small to medium size freelance work, starting from mid-november 2020.

i’ve been working on biggish projects for the past two years, and am keen to take on small to medium gigs. ideally, work that can be done between two weeks (small) and two months (medium) maximum. for example: i put together a simple live-streaming and chat web-app in 3 days (link).

i’ve been working mostly as a programmer (front and backend), and indirectly as a designer (which remains my starting point and general approach to do work).

most work i’ve done is related to the web. i’m about to finish a custom wiki based on git at the moment, where i built both frontend and backend (in collaboration with a few others). last year i’ve been working on what i called “a web-ring powered by machine learning”, or: a “read-more” feature across three web-journals that suggests relevant articles by querying the combined database off all three journals using a machine learning recommendation algorithm.

yes, i am interested in wikis and p2p systems. git is a proto-example of both, imo. i’d be happy to work on something that is not for the web-browser, but that’s not mandatory.


the only js-spa framework i’ve used is choo.js: no react or vue or anything too abstracted from plain javascript.

i am based in Berlin and know how to work remotely. i like emails.

relevant projects


send an email to . thanks!