André Fincato

I do design and programming. I am part and actively collaborate w/ Hackers & Designers (Amsterdam).

Ongoing Active Projects

Computational Cosmogony

Computational Cosmogony began as a long discussion with designer and programmer Marcel Goethals about computation outside of what we called computers.

We are now working on a system to bring thinking and ideas exploration in an actual hypertext format.

online space of torture

Very embryonal exploration of split, distributed archives under the seasonal process of harvesting and rotting matter.


Arachne is a webzine publishing essays—text, audio, video, and image-based—that inquires the themes of labour, gender, and technology. Together with Dorothy Howard.

Currently we are in the process of reshaping our editorial and publishing process by moving away from Google Docs and collateral services. Instead, we are taking a p2p approach where small, often personally-built tools, with user-privacy and ethics around data usage are put in place. At last, practicing our own zine design ethos.