I am currently available for new projects.

I can work solo or in small teams—by joining a design studio or collaborating with a working group developing a project—for private clients and companies.

Based in Amsterdam, I can work remotely.

My work experience is mainly shaped by designing artefacts for small clients operating in the cultural field, such as:

  • printed and digital ephemera (flyers, posters, email newsletters, etc.)
  • books, zines and publications (for paper and screen)
  • exhibition setup
  • websites

When building complex websites, I collaborate with developers to accomplish specific tasks out of my range. I am invested in and enjoy collaborating with programmers and engineers.

Conversely, I have experience working with curators, photographers, writers, and artists and am comfortable discussing abstract and theoretical concepts which I can translate into design.

I have a particular interest in new forms of publishing, and the kind of workflows it implies: for this, I see typography and publishing happening less in MS Word and InDesign and more in using different flavours of plain-text files, git, Tex, HTML and CSS and WebTorrent technologies—whether the final output will be printed on paper or uploaded on the internet.