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Galleria Arrivada is a small but lively gallery focused on contemporary art, based in Milan, Italy. For them I designed and developed from scratch their new website.

The website revolves around a main view in the homepage, which displays the different gallery’s activities (exhibitions, publications, etc.), and is fed by several other sections with the role of forming the foundation of the site.

The different sections (exhibitions, artists, depot, publications and news), indeed, act as an archive for the material they gather, both in form and in functionality: they are displayed in a list-like view for easily consultation, and offer an image-preview of what’s inside by hovering over each of them 1.

After the website was launched, I began to manage its contents 2. This is very interesting for two reasons: I am in charge of the technical side of it (how images and text are uploaded, etc.), but also I see the evolution in the variety of content being presented on the website. After a couple of months this last aspect led to some small adjustments on the overall design 3, in order to better accomodate specific real-usage requests. This iterative-process was made easier because of the direct role I have in the managing of the website: moving back and forth between design patterns and real content.

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  1. I’m aware that :hover is usually a bad thing with touchscreen devices, but the preview state makes sense as an added value, not as an essential feature. 

  2. I’m not using the word curatorial

  3. I see it as an ongoing process, since websites are not fixated objects. Books are also changing in that sense. 

  • 00

    General preview mechanism of the different archive sections.

  • 01

    The responsiveness of the site is used as a gif for when there is maintenance works going on.