• 2015—now
  • graphic design

After artoteca fs, Valentina and I continued to progress with the project, expanding it in terms of locations, collaborations, and also in regard to its visual form.

In fact, I designed a new logo for the project, and after its introduction in Spring 2015, I slowly implemented a new set of visual elements a couple of months later.

In particular, the logo now has a gradient colour inside the canvas that the humanoid figure holds, which merges with the main background colour of each design item.

As the website is still in the process of being finished—it will be fully working in early Spring—and the larger project is moving into a new evolutionary stage since when it began in 2012, I will keep this space as an on-going log page.

  • logo-v1

    Logo v1—Spring 2015.

  • logo-variation

    Logo v1.5—Fall 2015.

  • flyer-front

    Flyer, testing out black gradient on peach background colour—Fall 2015.

  • flyer-back
  • bookmark-front-de

    Bookmark used for when picking an artwork up from the public library—Fall 2015.

  • bookmark-front-it
  • bookmark-back
  • poster

    First poster with new logo and new visual direction. The logo with outlined text was used for the first and last time only on this poster and then ditched—Spring 2015.